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March 2012

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My first Steampunk story!

Mr. Black and the Expo

Part of the ‘Shifting Steam’ Anthology

Gerard Killaly Black is more interested in travel than science, more enticed by adventure than invention. Reluctantly, he returns from exploring the globe to his hometown of Chicago in order to see his father’s invention appear as the highlight of the 1890 New World Scientific Expo. Accompanying Gerard is his lover Jack, on the run after robbing a South African museum and able to transform into a wolf–a clever way to escape the authorities. At the expo, Gerard learns another inventor, the unscrupulous Professor Monahan, is trying to bring Gerard’s father to ruin and steal his invention. Although Gerard would like to be anywhere but in the midst of civilization and caught up in political intrigue, he and Jack must work together to save his father’s life and preserve his hard work.

About ‘Shifting Steam’

Steampunk and shifters? Do they even go together? Of course they do. Steampunk is all about the possible, the magical and the otherworldly. Shapeshifters are all about bending the idea of humanity into new shapes. Combine them, and you get Shifting Steam.

The stories in Shifting Steam pave the way for a magical journey through space and time to alternate realities, where anything is possible. From dragons to birds, from Victorian era expositions to secret laboratories, these stories explore what happens when man meets beast in a world of airship captains and fantastic creatures. Whether it’s a Jekyll and Hyde style beast, a wolfman who would rather not be a wolf, or a man who wishes he could fly, every kind of creature gets its day in the steampunk sun. Step into the world of Shifting Steam and let it transport you to a sexy, fantastical new universe.

Shifting Steam features stories from authors Missouri Dalton, Ekaterina Morris, Rowan McBride, Lydia Nyx, M Raiya, Lynn Townsend and Emory Vargas.

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